Tmux is an alternative to screen.


    Use ctrl+b, then:

    :new<CR>  new session
    s  list sessions
    $  name session
    c  create window
    w  list windows
    n  next window
    p  previous window
    f  find window
    ,  name window
    &  kill window
    % is vertical split
    " is horizontal
    [space bar] to reorder the panes
    Up-arrow scroll up
    Down-arrow scroll down
    z full screen, useful to copy when you have split windows
    < menu to swap, kill, rename, new after/before


    shift + insert

    Tmux copy-paste

    • ctrl + b, then ] you're in copy mode (by scrolling).
    • Use ctrl + [space bar] from your pointer to select.
    • ctrl + w to save into Tmux buffer
    • ctrl + b, w to paste

    Resize pane

    Example to resize 2 times Up:

    resize-pane -U 2

    Note: There also -L for left, -R, -D

    Close current command (e.g., freeze ssh)

    respawn-pane -k


    Join windows

    join-pane -t <target-window-number>

    Note: use w to list windows