Generate systemd service

    podman generate systemd --new --files --name CONTAINER_NAME


    • --files will generate the content in a file
    • --name use name of container for start/stop

    Install the generated files: systemctl enable container-CONTAINER_NAME.service

    See also: man podman-generate-systemd

    Autorize docker registry


    unqualified-search-registries = ['docker.io']

    Allow a non-root user container (host user) to write on host

    This can be done with podman unshare chown

    # retrieve UID within container
    openwrt@f01713dbeaa7:~/openwrt$ echo $UID
    # put the rights on the host files/directory (connected through volume)
    lparment@po-lbl:~/project$ podman unshare chown :1000 -R /path
    # here we only did for the group, but it can be done on user as well